Banks and Oakfield Partners actively support the development of sustainable water infrastructure across the developing world, most especially in Africa where population and economic growth throughout the continent is driving rapid demographic challenge; therefore causing a significant increase in the demand for water, food and energy.

At B&O Partners, making water available across the developing world is our business and we are aware that resource availability is being exacerbated by climate change; hence we have developed both small and large-scale infrastructure solutions to combat these challenges.

We achieve our objectives through three linked channels:

Small-scale water infrastructure project

B&O Partners work with local authorities in the preparation of infrastructure projects that will support a community of 100,000 - 300,000 people.

Our team engages the local authority at any point in the project cycle, to develop all the essential processes for an infrastructure project i.e. procurement, subsidy, payment systems, tariffs and the design and construction of the infrastructure project, once complete, we transfer ownership and management of the infrastructure to the local authorities, water user associations, or energy suppliers. As part of our on-going services to the community we set up a maintenance and refurbishment cycle for the project.

Infrastructure Finance

Banks & Oakfield has introduced robust public-private partnerships (PPPs) into the Water infrastructure sector in developing countries. Our expertise in mitigating risk in infrastructure projects through recourse to different sources of financing helps us to bridge the gap between government participation and private investment.

We mobilise infrastructure finance to develop world class water projects in our host communities; thereby guaranteeing a better quality of life for our host and return on investment for our investors. Our work is focused on investigating and securing innovative finance arrangements and funding partners for the implementation of our infrastructure projects.

Technical assistance to stakeholders

B&O in conjunction with our strategic partners develop end-to-end water infrastructure projects as well as refurbish and upscale existing infrastructure. We provide technical assistance to local authorities and countries, ranging from long-term developmental advice to vital institutions, to a rapid advisory service on new projects.

Our projects ensure we are achieving real change for people living in the developing world, including:

• Broadening the scope and access to improved water security, climate adaptation, clean energy generation and new transport links, by conceptualizing water projects for each client

• We develop pre-feasibility/feasibility studies that ensures improved health of poor communities with a safe water supply through an integrated public private partnership;

• Our project development and execution: planning and permitting, contracting strategy, procurement, and financing ensures that thousands of jobs are created in the local community

• Our infrastructure projects secure better livelihoods for flood-afflicted communities through development of irrigation schemes