Infrastructure development is arguably the most complex challenge of this century for governments, communities and investors. At Banks and Oakfield Partners we know what it takes to derive value from infrastructure assets and programs. Our understanding of infrastructure development helps us turn our projects into exciting journeys for our stakeholders, across the five sectors where we operate and at different stages of the infrastructure lifecycle.

With our technology-neutral and equitable partnership strategy, we specialize in developing projects that provide socio-economic benefits to communities and economies at large. B&O offers optimal technical and financial asset delivery as well as operations and maintenance solutions to our stakeholders.

We leverage our transnational access to multilateral organisations, pension funds, fund managers and institutional investors to adopt the optimum funding model for each project. By tapping into limited recourse debt markets, capital markets or bank loans we have the capacity to reduce the funding cost of each project and optimize our stakeholder’s risk/return.

Drawing from over 40 years’ experience reflecting our relationships and industry insight we are well positioned to manage the infrastructure project lifecycle – from planning, strategy development and construction through to implementation and asset management.