Responsible Investment

The completion of the construction work does not signal the end of Banks and Oakfield’s involvement in a project. We actively get involved in the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure asset, conscious of the quality of service provided to the host community and the interests of all our stakeholders.

This long-term commitment to projects is instrumental to our drive to secure, safe and sustainable yields for our investors.

Banks & Oakfield Ecosystem

Banks & Oakfield Project Cycle

Holistic Project Management

At Banks and Oakfield our investment model is based on meeting the needs of public authorities and long-term investors.
We support public authorities in the identification and delivery of infrastructure projects and services; this involves the development, financing and management of their assets over the long term.

Our expertise covers the entire project life cycle:

• Identification of infrastructure needs and project origination and design,

• Comprehensive risk analysis including (country, financial, operational, social and environmental) risks,

• Structuring Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) - Formation and leadership of the project consortia,

• Coordination, leading, planning and management of construction phases,

• Operation and management of the infrastructure asset over the long term, working jointly with and on behalf of public authorities,

• After-project support during start of commercial operation