At Banks and Oakfield Partners we take pride in our corporate commitment to help building local communities and applying best practices when tackling environmental, social and governance issues.

Contributing to local communities

Our passion to developing infrastructure projects is fuelled by the positive impacts on local communities. At B&O, we help build communities by developing productive human capital through capacity building and job creation and by developing physical assets that contribute to labour productivity and community growth.

Applying rules of good governance

We work under the principles of independent governance with disclosure and transparency central to our business practices to guarantee decision making autonomy.

Protecting the environment

We take appropriate measures to protect the environment during the development phase prioritising projects with a high environmental added value by:

• Preventing negative impacts on the ecosystem and biodiversity
• Positive contribution against climate change
• Use of sustainable materials
• Engaging contractors with environmental management systems

We follow through during the asset management phase by addressing any arising environmental issues and encourage our partners to implement their environmental management systems to:

• Reduce carbon footprint and other environmental impacts during construction and operation
• Implement KPIs that facilitate reporting and the control of these issues

Adhering to social standards

We identify social risks early on during the development phase and ensure their management by our partners throughout the project lifecycle by:

• Engaging contractors who respect social standards with a track record of dealing with social risks
• Ensuring a social risk management plan is in place and is aligned with all stakeholders